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The Associated Swimming Pool Industries of Florida (ASPI). The ASPI is a local group of swimming pool builders, service companies, wholesale distributers, manufacturers and other related professionals. We have been serving the South Florida community for over 40 years. ASPI has spearheaded successful efforts to speed up plans processing and the issuing of permits and inspections. This has resulted in a saving of both time and expense to our industry and the consumer. We have also raised awareness of the proliferation of unlicensed, uninsured and unskilled individuals and have lobbied the Miami-Dade County Commission to hire additional enforcement personnel. ASPI holds its meetings at the Piccadilly Cafeteria located at 8301 W Flagler Street in Miami, during which time all issues and concerns relating to our industry are addressed. These meetings include a free dinner, expert guest speakers, and more. They are open to all members and associates. All licensed pool professionals are invited to attend. ASPI also provides sponsorship of a college scholarship fund to our members and families who qualify. We also offer a binding arbitration clause in our contract which settles disputes without court costs and attorneys fees. ASPI publishes a monthly newsletter called "The Pipeline." It contains the information on the upcoming meeting, information about the pool industry, columns about pool technology, and photos of our past meeting or event. The October 2012 Pipeline Pipeline issue is available for download (1.8 mb).

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Founding member George Warren has died

ASPI founding member, George Warren, died May 31, 2015. He is survived by his wife Shelby, children Doug and Pam and grandchildren.

George WarrenPictured is a photo from the 2004 July roundtable meeting. George began working in the pool industry in South Florida in the mid 50's. During the late 60's and early 70's, George worked for Kendall Pool and Supply which was located on U.S. 1 near Shorty's B-B-Q. He started his own pool service with his family which was located in Perrine. George later worked with John Girvan and was a distributor of Pro Team Products. George served as president in 1979.

Below is the ASPI I-con article from the January 2007 Pipeline by Sid Sherman.


If any couple should be named Mr. and Mrs. ASPI it is the Warrens. Not only is George one of our founding fathers but Shelby did a dynamic job as ASPI President in 1995 and 1996. George served as President in the early days, 1979, (that’s older than many of the jokes you guys send me on E mail).


George is a true son of the South, born 1931 in Milan (no, not Italy – Tennessee).  He served a two-year hitch in the Army (no, not the Confederate – he was too old for them.) As to his work history: originally in advertising with a rubber company in NJ... later in direct sales with Alcoa of Penn. This experience was of great value when he and Shelby founded George’s Pool Service in South Miami. In the 2000s, the hurricanes took their toll and along with some family health problems the Warrens decided to cease operation. George’s Pool Service, for the record, was a very busy and highly respected neighborhood pool service and supply operation. George was a sales rep at the time and Shelby and the kids took care of the store and service operation. At present he works 20 hours a week for Blue Bottom Pools. His claim to fame is his droll homespun sense of humor. His hobbies are golf, computer games and gambling. You should have seen him in action when we had our Dinner Dance at The Miccosukees!


In 1995-1996 during Shelby’s tenure she had so much going that it took all my efforts as PIPELINE editor and Executive Secretary to keep up with this human dynamo. Not only did she institute our ASPI golf tournament, but she conceived our ASPI FOUNDERS’ SCHOLARSHIP FUND which in the past ten years has helped many ASPI family members and employees’ children with their college tuition. Ask succeeding presidents and they will declare, "she was a darn tough act to follow."

Now about Shelby, the orchid lady: It seems there was a neighboring business near George’s Pool Service that dealt in orchid plants. Somehow, by cajoling, promising or whatever, she was able to supply many subsequent annual Dinner Dances with beautiful live orchid plant centerpieces as well as door prizes. We sometimes wondered when did she sleep?


They have been married 56 years and are a very close family. Have one boy and one girl, both married, blessed with four grandkids. To quote George, "we were married fifteen years before we had kids. We did a lot of traveling and bumming around." The Warrens had twenty-three for Thanksgiving and Shelby is still recovering from the excitement. Aside from "normal" recurring problems, our friends are enjoying relatively good health. And now for the crusher...The Warrens will be leaving Miami! Their house is up for sale. They have property in Arkansas and Alabama, will probably end up in Alabama as the kids are thinking about north Florida. We’ll really miss, and always remember them fondly.

George’s sentiments about ASPI: "We made many good friends in the pool business and always enjoyed knowing and working with those wonderful people. ASPI was and is one of the best things that can happen to the business -- it is about people helping others. We may be competitors, but always friends and there is enough business for everybody. It just takes work and sadly, we’ll fall by the wayside if new people aren’t brought in. It is just a shame that the same people have to do all the work. We did the hard work, now you have to take over the really hard part and make ASPI bigger and better.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and Shelby and I wish all our ASPI friends a healthy and rewarding New Year. (2007, wow, can’t believe it!)."

If you run across a tall, handsome couple with the guy wearing a cowboy hat you’ll know it’s Shelby and George Warren. TRUE ASP I-CONS. Thank you for your many years of service – and friendship.

Sid Sherman